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Our weight loss program is an amazing wave technology that delivers fat-reduction as well as tightening of the area of the skin being treated. We use a non-invasive treatment that breaks down the fatty-acids while stimulating through the deepest levels of skin to produce collagen. This production of collagen will help tighten the skin during each session.

For people who are looking for a more flattering figure, here are a few great packages to get started. All sessions are 1 hour which include 50 minutes of treatments and 5-10 minutes of prep. 

Silver Package                     1 Area Treatment             $565
Great for Abdomen, Upper Arms or Chin 

Gold Package                       3 Area Treatment             $765
Great for Abdomen and each upper arms

Platinum Package                 5 Area Treatment             $965
Great for Abdomen, upper arms and thighs


radiofrequency-skin-tightening-head (1).jpg

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Exclusive Treatments

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