Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be assisted?

Although we cater to people with tumors and Auto-Immune diseases, we also assist to many athletes with their break down of lactic acid and soreness.

How does our therapy work?

Our therapy works first by initiating a state of inactivity by immune therapy of the microscopic organism and then imploding the microscopic pathogenic bacteria with bio-electromagnetic medicine. This is a harmless process to the host but detrimental to the unsurviving, pathogenic bacteria that is causing harm. Thus, returning the body to its natural state.

Does the therapy produce negative physiological side effects?

The only physiological effect can be if used too much at first. Initially, certain individuals may experience what is called a "die off" or a herxheimer reaction due to an almost instantaneous release of the bacteria releasing their toxins causing you to feel like you are getting the "flu". This happens cause this is the bacteria's last stance before their demise. they have been put under stress from the therapy.This phenomenon can happen at anytime during, after the first or subsequent session. This feeling of "getting the flu" is temporary, and the body will naturally rid itself of the microscopic debris.

How often should I come in?

Everyone symptoms and reactions are different as well as the different strains of pathogenic bacteria that they carry, The TAD Group will discuss those pertaint details in person and tailor a specific program just for you.

Can you use if I have a pacemaker?

Individuals using pacemakers should consult with the manufacture before using bio-electromagnetic therapy. Individuals using pacemakers before 1992 should not use this therapy, due to the inadequate pacemaker's shielding. Although, we still may be able to halt the pathogenic organisim and put it the bacteria in statis.

What if I have amalgam(silver) fillings?

Although we would like all amalgam fillings removed prior to treatment, a person maybe able to still be treated. A consulation and exam prior to any therapy will be necessary.

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